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Rhubarb Gin (70cl Bottle)

Rhubarb Gin (70cl Bottle)


Product Information

An invigorating summer gin with an exquisite sweet and sour taste. This exceptional gin is flavoured with fresh organic ingredients; once blended with our London Dry Gin and let to steep for over a month; we then extract the gin infused juice from the rhubarb using a traditional fruit press, a messy but essential process given the concentration of flavours held within the fruit, the extracted juice is then returned to the gin blend to steep further. The end result produces a wonderfully complex infusion that is tart and tangy yet sweet and fruity.

For the perfect serve fill a large copa balloon gin glass with ice, pour in 50ml of gin and top up with a chilled premium Indian tonic. Garnish with a few fresh strawberries. 

 70cl / 37.5abv