About Us


Kiln Clough Farm is nestled between the villages of Helmshore and Irwell Vale in the stunning Rossendale Valley. The existing farm is a relatively new enterprise only dating back to early 2016. However, the land that makes up the farm has been part of the farming community for generations. The farm has always had food at its heart. Most notably being the home to the nationally recognised Rodwell poultry farm that operated on the land in the early to mid 1900's. The poultry farm gained national recognition during the second world war and was credited for its contribution to the war effort. 

Fast forward some 80 years and once again the farm is pushing boundaries when it comes to farming and food. 

When we started this chapter in the farms history we made a commitment to rare and native breeds. We didn't want to re-write the rule book or re-invent the wheel, we simply wanted to keep British breeds, in British fields, eating British grass. Put simply we wanted to go back to basics and farm the land like our forefathers had before us and produce a Great British product to be proud of. 

Up until now, all of our produce has been sold off the farm to larger artisan food processors and has eventually been finding its way to dinner plates in some,of the country's finest eateries. Our sausage meat has been enjoyed aboard luxury cruise liners, our burgers have been enjoyed in some of the capitals trendiest street food markets and our steaks have frequented some of the best dining rooms in the country. 

We are now exceptionally excited that we have got the farm to a scale where we can start retailing our meat to the general public. Retailing our products has been a long-term aim for us since we started. It will help to secure the farms future in this time of increased uncertainty and will allow us to showcase just how exceptional the produce from traditional breeds is.