Our Farm In Helmshore , Rossendale

We currently farm both rare/native breeds of pigs and cattle. Our beef herd is made up of Belted Galloways, Galloways, Blue Greys and Highlands. All of these breeds are native to the UK and are perfect examples of traditional heritage breeds. All our cattle are kept outside for at least 8 months of the year, only being brought inside during the harsh wet Rossendale winter. They would winter perfectly well outside but we like to spoil them by bringing them into warm and dry straw filled barns.


Our pig sounder is made up of 4 rare/native breeds, Large Blacks, Middle Whites, Oxford Sandy and Blacks and Tamworths.

Like with the cattle we leave the pigs to forage outside for as much of the year as possible again bringing them inside into straw filled barns for the winter months. We keep a large variety of breeds for two main reasons. The first reason is to preserve as many of the rare breeds as possible and the second reason is because the different breeds lend themselves to different cuts.

Photo credit: Alison Allen Photography